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Meet Our Staff

As our client, you will have a team of highly qualified professionals working for you to provide you with the best coverage for you, your family, or your business.  Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our number one priority.


Ebonie Nolan


My name is Ebonie K Nolan, and I am a Life Insurance Broker in Ohio. I started my career working for insurance companies processing their applications and claims. My journey as an insurance broker began when I noticed the constant posting of GoFundMe post, seeing my own family and friends attempt to raise money for the funeral expenses of loved ones.

I thought to myself why does no one in our community, my family; know about life insurance?
The answer was simply not enough were educated on the advantages and need for life insurance
outside of their jobs. If you ask most people today about life insurance, they will answer, “I am
covered through my employer.”

As an independent broker, I am licensed in multiple states with multiple carriers to ensure that I
provide an insurance product that fits your needs.

As a community-based provider, I take a hands-on approach with clients by educating them on the
value of wealth building, estate planning, and creating or securing retirement funds all through life
insurance products.

My natural superpower is helping people build a legacy of wealth, not debt so allow me to help you
start your journey.